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We Are Australia’s Leading Corporate Team Building Activities, Training Workshop.

We Have Dedicated Ourselves to Improving Team

A functional team is an integral part of every functional organisation or group. We recognise this reality at Uptimes Games Events; this is why we have dedicated ourselves to improving team cohesion and performance. We achieve this through our team-building events and workshops. Our goal is to assist organisations across Australia, regardless of their needs, achieve increased performance by improving their teamwork.

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We offer the following:

Charity Team Building

At Uptime Games, we provide a team-building opportunity for companies and corporations. One of the options that we make available is our Charity Team Building. We recognise that giving back to society is a great activity in itself. However, it is also an opportunity for employees to bond over a good act. As such, we maximise charity events and activities to create the perfect team for you.

Hybrid Team Building

At Uptime Game Events, we are committed to creating team-building events and activities for the benefit of companies and corporations. One of the team-building events that we offer is the Hybrid Team Building. Our Hybrid Team Building involves tailored events that seek to create a cohesive team.

Christmas Team Building

At Uptimes Game Events, we offer Christmas Team Building events. We provide the perfect mix of activities to help you maximise your Christmas celebration. We ensure that you offer your team value as you enjoy the holiday. We have a perfect mix of programs that allows us to achieve this. It doesn't matter if you're looking for something accessible and online; we can also get that done.

School Team Building

While we sometimes limit the need for teamwork to employees, this is not always the case. In fact, it is more effective to build these skills from a young age. We recognise this reality at Uptimes Game Events. This is why we offer our School Team Building services. Through this service, we offer students the option of leaving their classrooms to learn life-changing skills.

Team Building Workshops

The whole process of team building needs active steps and activities. We understand that this needs expertise, and this expertise is integral to the successful output of organisations. So, we come in. At Uptimes Games Events, we provide team budding workshops. We help you take your team to the next level. Our workshop is tailored to ensure that you can better understand your team and how they work.

Online Team Building

We cannot overemphasise the importance of team building. It is vital for the continued productivity and success of your organisation. However, you might just be wondering how to make that work if you have a team spread across different locations. This is even more important following the increasing shift to remote working. Well, at Uptimes Games Events, we have made Online Team Building provisions.

COVID Safe Programs

The reality of our world has changed over the last couple of months. This is thanks to the emergence of Covid-19. While the government is taking actions to ensure that every Australian’s health, well-being, and life are protected, we understand that we bear some responsibility. This is why we have committed ourselves to create COVID SAFE Programs at Uptimes Games Events.

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