What You Need to Know About School Team Building

While we sometimes limit the need for teamwork to employees, this is not always the case. In fact, it is more effective to build these skills from a young age. We recognise this reality at Uptimes Game Events. This is why we offer our School Team Building services.

Through this service, we offer students the option of leaving their classrooms to learn life-changing skills. It does not matter whether they are in secondary or primary school; our services are tailored to ensure that they can meet their needs.

We immerse these students in engaging, purpose-driven, and fun programs that build their teamwork. However, this program is not just limited to the students. Where necessary, we extend these programs to the teachers.

Our goal is to ensure that we enhance their leadership skills, teamwork, communication, and ability to take responsibility. We help them highlight these important skills so they are equipped to apply them in the workplace, classroom, community, and in other teams that they might find themselves.

Our programs cut across a wide range of areas. They include recreational programs that provide fun and learning experience to the participants. It also extends to problem-solving activities that increase their critical and analytical thinking. We also make available these programs after considering the abilities and age of the participants.

We recognise that a custom program is more likely to achieve the goals that we seek to achieve effectively. So, we commit ourselves to achieve these goals through the creation of a custom and structured framework. We are ready to tailor our programs to meet your specific needs and wants.

We consider the size of the participant, the time available, and your budget to create the perfect experience. You can count on us to deliver without any disappointment or difficulty. We add excitement and fun to the whole process to ensure that the program is attractive to both students and teachers.

So, are you ready for a challenge beyond the classroom? If yes is the case, then our School Team Building is the right fit for you. All you need to do is contact us to get started today.

Our Programs

Some of the programs that we offer under this category include:


Under this program, we provide a challenging and fun experience to participants as they compete to be the ultimate survivor. Do not worry; there is no case of extreme weather conditions or deserted islands. It’s just a fun and challenging experience.

Risk Reward

Under this program, we require participants to display strategy, process improvement, teamwork, and trust. We ask participants to grow their business and finances through calculated risk. They can either become profitable or go bankrupt.

Safe Crack

In this program, we ask you to identify the head of a smuggling ring. You get to improve your critical and analytical thinking as you analyse the evidence to determine the criminals.

So, if you are interested in our School Team Building services, you can contact us today. We will be ready to help you.